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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The phenomenon of Masturbation

Wednesday, January 25, 2012
Masturbation is a common phenomenon and often discussed that there are everywhere. The culprit was not limited to gender, age or social background. Actual symptoms of masturbation at the age of puberty and adolescence, a lot happened. This is caused by sexual maturity that peaking and did not receive a fair distribution; then added by external stimuli in the form of books and pornography, blue films, imitating friends and others.

By some people, masturbation is considered as an enjoyable habit. But on another group that is regarded as an activity that can cause disfigurement self psychosomatic disorders and various other adverse effects. Masturbation is done by most men and women. In a study revealed that 95% of men and 89% of women reported having masturbated. Masturbation conjures up many myths about its damaging and embarrassing. Negative images may be traced as far back as the word's Latin origin, masturbare, which is a combination of two Latin words, manus (hand) and stuprare (abuse), so that means "abuse by hand". Notion of shame and sin that already caused by the embedded portion of "abuse" the word has remained in the modern translation - even though medical authorities have agreed that masturbation causes no physical or mental harm.

The main objective is to seek satisfaction masturbation or sexual desires off the road without having sex. However, masturbation can not give real satisfaction. In contrast to sexual intercourse performed by two persons of the opposite sex. They experience joy, happiness and fun together. In intercourse, the stimulus did not need to be raised artificially, because sexual relations between men and women is a natural thing. In masturbation the only source of stimulation is self delusion. That is what creates an erotic picture in mind. Masturbation is the stimulation of a local nature in the genital member. Normal sex can make you feel happy and excited, while masturbating instead creating an emotional and psychological depression.

The term masturbation is derived from the Latin word "manasturbo" which means feeling or friction with the hand (manu). Masturbation is generally defined as the deliberate stimulation performed on the genital organs to obtain pleasure and sexual satisfaction. But in fact, many ways to get self satisfaction (self-gratification) without using hands (frictionless masturbation), thus the term masturbation becomes less effective. Therefore, the term "autoerotism" is more striking is the term to describe this phenomenon.

There are several terms that are known in public masturbation, including masturbation or masturbation, which means doing a stimulation of the sex organs themselves by rubbing their hands or other objects into the genital organs us to remove sperm and reaching orgasm. In the teachings of Islam, known as masturbation; al-istimna ', al-istima'bilkaff, marriage al-yad, al-I'timar, or' adtus sirriyah. While masturbation is done by a woman called al-ilthaf.

In society the term masturbation is better known. This title, according to various reviews written Prof. Dr. Dr. Wimpie Pangkahila Sp, And, Chairman of the Center for the Study of Andrology and Seksologi Faculty of Medicine, University of Udayana, derived from the name of a man, Onan, as narrated in the Old Testament in the Book of Genesis tersebutlah article 38, Onan was told her father, Yehuda, marrying the wife of the late brother to brother had offspring. Onan objection, because the child would be born to be descendants of his brother. So Onan spilled his sperm outside the body of the widow every intercourse (coitus interruptus). With the way which is now called the withdrawal, the widow of his brother was not pregnant. But the effects are terrible. God's wrath and Onan died.

Onanism or masturbation in the sense now is not like the Onan. Masturbation means to find sexual satisfaction with self-stimulation by (autoerotism), and can also mean receiving and providing sexual stimulation to the genitals to achieve sexual satisfaction to each other (mutual masturbation). To be sure on masturbation no sexual intercourse occurred, but can be achieved orgasm. Freud (1957) says there are three phases of masturbation, namely (1) in infants, (2) the development of the highest phase of infantile sexual development that is in the range of 4 years, and (3) on the phase of puberty. According to Freud, the sexual instinct was there at the beginning of life and progressively develops until the age of 4 years. After this stop it is no longer the next development (latent period) until the time of puberty at around age 11 years.

Based on the way to do it, masturbation can be divided into three kinds, namely:

1. Masturbation itself (auto masturbation); genital stimulation using the hand, finger or swipe-gesekkannya on an object

2. Mutual masturbation (mutual masturbation); genital stimulation performed in groups which are usually constituted by a sense of unity, often meet and sometimes expand their activities to the theft (stealing) and vandalism (vandalism)

3. Masturbation psychic; achieving orgasm through fantasy and audio-visual stimuli.

While other psychologists, Caprio (1973), classifies the activities masturbation into two major groups, namely:

1. Masturbation is normal, including psychological liberation of sexual tension in the young children of normal; do not excessive; masturbation performed by someone who is not married; masturbation is done between pairs of conjugal intercourse sebgai distraction from the conventional

2. Masturbation is neurotic, including masturbation is done too much and are konvulsif; masturbation between couples who prefer this way than intercourse, masturbation with symptoms of anxiety, guilt / sin a very, very, masturbation gratification associated with sexual deviance and which can be punishable by law blamed.

Many Myths

Presumably there are still many people do not understand enough about masturbation. In fact, many people do it. To be sure also, a lot of misinformation circulating in the community about masturbation. Indeed a lot of misinformation about masturbation, for example, can cause various ill-effects. Presumably this information is partially incorrect myths about sex that continues to circulate in the community until recently.

In the XVIII century published a book written by Tissot of France, titled Onana. There are described several kinds of diseases that arise as a result of masturbation. It turned out that with the development of science, Tissot proves that the opinion is completely wrong.

Not true masturbation can lead to bad consequences for health, including sperm. So, there is no disruption of sperm quantity and quality due to masturbation. Indeed, masturbation is done in a hurry in order to quickly reach ejaculation may concern underlying the occurrence of premature ejaculation in men. In the meantime, if you do it too often, of course you will feel lousy because of masturbation. Just as sexual intercourse, masturbation also requires energy.

Masturbation is a natural expression of sexuality and not harmful to man and woman, and an excellent way to experience sexual pleasure. In fact, some experts argue that masturbation improves sexual health by increasing an individual's understanding body parts and what is erotically pleasing, building self-confidence and attitude can understand ourselves.

Impact on Mentality

Autoerotic impulses (masturbation) were present in all humans. The difference only lies in how we resolve these impulses. Some of us have repressed the urge to satisfy her, while others expressed a desire to obtain sexual gratification.

One of the human drive that often causes people to get personal and social difficulties are sexual urges, which in reality often exposes people to a state of urgency and very persuasive to obtain immediate sexual gratification. The presence of sexual problems in individuals can lead to the individuals concerned are often faced with the situation as if there is a tendency to fall to levels that are immature or infantile and every effort to behave in a mature sexually inhibited because of it.

What happens is, an important source of sexual pleasure is by some still responded with guilt and anxiety because of their ignorance that masturbation is a safe activity, as well as centuries of religious teachings that regard it as a sinful activity. Moreover, many of us have received negative messages from our parents, or have even been punished when caught masturbating as children.

The cumulative effect of these events are often intangible confusion and guilt, which is also often difficult to sort. Time masturbation can be harmful is when it becomes the soul (compulsive). Compulsive masturbation - as other psychiatric behavior - is a sign of an emotional problem and needs to get treatment from a psychiatrist.

The final phase konfulsif if masturbation is not resolved properly is the emergence of the phenomenon of sexual addicted, an addiction to sexual activities. Physically, masturbation can cause kelecetan or damage to the mucosa and other tissues of the genital organs is concerned, either due to masturbation or use of assistive devices using only the hands and fingers.

Kinsey studies in the United States shows, that almost all men and three-quarters of all women masturbated at some time in their lives. Orebio investigation found that 83% of boys and 38% of children a woman masturbate. Other investigations showed different rates at each age level of the respondent, for example in childhood (infantile sex play), Adolescent, middle age and other categories.

Most men who masturbate tend to do it more often than women, and they tend to say 'always' or 'usually' have an orgasm when masturbating (80: 60). This is the most common sexual behavior that number two (after intercourse), even for those who already have a regular sexual partner.

According to research, those who usually masturbate between the ages of thirteen to twenty years. In general who masturbate are those who are not married, widowed, widowed or people who are lonely or in exile. Boys more than girls do masturbate. Causes include,

first, the sexual appetite of girls do not come soaring and eksplosit.

Secondly, attention is drawn to the girls problem of sexual intercourse because of dreams and remove sperm (ihtilam) more experienced men. Erotic dreams that cause orgasm in women occur if the feeling has been experienced in the waking state.

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