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Sunday, January 29, 2012

10 Minutes Step Satisfying Women

Sunday, January 29, 2012
Not easy to give sexual satisfaction to women. In addition to hard to reach orgasm, satisfaction levels of women different from men who easily orgasm.

There are several steps that must be taken so that a woman can be satisfied. Starting from the point of the G-Spot seeking to find a position sex style 'fit' according to her wishes.

In addition to several steps that have been mentioned above, female sexual gratification is not always measured by the physical relationship. According to excerpts from lovingday, without doing any ML, women can be satisfied.

The trick? Namely by doing the 10 minute satisfaction. Enough with the 10 minutes, your partner can be satisfied without having to do ML. Curious? Here it is 10 minutes step satisfy a woman

First Minute

Start by stroking his head and point the stroking of the forehead to the neck, try to further stimulate your index finger touching the woman behind the ear.

Second Minute

After doing the above steps, immediately began to kiss her face from the forehead and pan slowly headed toward the eyes and nose. Then kiss her lips starting from the corner of his lips to her lips and makes her wonder woman's heart beat faster.

Three Minutes

Use the tongue to do the stimulus in the ear and occasional mild breathed into his ear canal.

Four Minutes

After exploring the ear, kiss the neck and give a little affectionate kisses and licks do it gently.

Five Minutes

Lower your kiss toward the side of his chest and exploration side of his chest tickled until she sighed.

Six Minutes

Starting point your kiss to the breasts, but not directly to her nipples. Do the rounds of the outer portion of the breast toward the nipple and doing turns, this will make it a curious and increase desire.

Seven Minutes

Began to explore the stomach with my tongue and slowly licked her navel hole, your partner will get a tremendous stimulus.

Eight Minutes

Use your tongue to strike the hand of his thigh while playing feather in her vagina part, this could further stimulate the woman.

Minutes Ninth

Do a stimulus to the outside of the vagina by way of touching the lips of the vagina and a small bulge at the bottom. This will make her happy and be a high stimulation.

Ten Minutes

Last-minute play your hand into the vagina hole and give it a kiss slowly, interspersed with a kiss on her breasts and lips.

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