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Friday, January 27, 2012

6 Signs Successful Sex

Friday, January 27, 2012
Sighed a long, sleepy and fell asleep, not the only sign that your partner 'satisfied' in sex. There are many signs that you should know that not always have questions in the liver. There are some physical signs that should be known by you and your partner. And to know you do not require technical or specialized skills. Simply observe the physical condition of the couple, after which you no longer need to ask her if she was satisfied or not.

Signs 1, Changes in emotional

For most women, orgasm can sometimes bring a wave of emotion, would not be surprised if the show can make love end with crying or feeling hollow. So, if your partner also experienced this, it means the reasonable and do not worry he's not getting an orgasm.

Mark 2, Putting hardened pair

The physical signs are experienced not only by women, men also experience it. After orgasm, your partner will feel nervous and body as chills, and then note the nipples. If it hardens, no doubt that the 'business' you this time not in vain.

Mark 3, bones ache

These signs will be obvious in men, try to notice your partner's legs and arms seemed to shudder for a moment whether after orgasm? If yes, well that means you do not need much more to ask him.

Signs 4, Smiles 'strange'

A smile which he gave to you shortly after sex is different from the usual smile he gave to you. Do not worry, smile 'weird' is a unkapan sign of gratitude for you.

Signs 5, Want to be pampered

Usually after completing a sex show, no matter men and women would like to express his pass happy hug. If this happens to your partner, it means that the he has just successfully passed a pleasant experience.

Signs 6, Do not want to talk about it again

Usually there are two signs are usually indicated by your partner. First, the he kept silent and did not want to talk about his experience he had just experienced (remember! Silence does not mean he does not like it) usually this happens because your partner wants to enjoy the sensation he had just passed. Second, usually the couple will speak with words that do not clear or just mumbling

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