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Friday, January 27, 2012

7 Ways to Overcome Shy Child

Friday, January 27, 2012
If your child is really shy, do not ever melabelnya, because it will make a child's shyness is increasingly becoming. Remember, children will behave in accordance with what is labeled. You can contribute to minimize shyness in children.

Previously, parents need to do is find out, what causes it and in what circumstances such as children become shy. Is it only when outside the home, in certain situations, and so on. That way, parents have accurate data before it handles its cause.

Furthermore, a number of ways parents can do this:
  1. Teach children to behave, behave, and even bertata manners in various situations. How she learned to start a conversation by greeting his friend. For example ask about, praised, or brought snacks to share. After the first communication went well, children can learn to raise hot topics or a favorite child.

  2. Give children a skilled training that he spoke in front of crowds or public places, starting with speaking in front of the mirror, and then in front of his parents and siblings at home.

  3. Teach also so that he can lead by giving him the duties and responsibilities, such as leading prayer in the classroom.

  4. Encourage her to be brave and open when expressing his frustration over steam.

  5. Parents give an example, how to become a person who is confident and bold, so that children can emulate. While at the restaurant, then get the food that is not appropriate order, for example, parents dare ask the waiter to replace it.

  6. Create a safe environment for children, so children do not feel anxious or afraid blamed, ridiculed, scolded, and so on.

  7. Help your child make her feel comfortable with her feelings, it also helps build his confidence with a variety of skills.

If parents felt it was the maximum but still not managed to change the child's shyness, there's no harm in asking the help of experts. That way, potential and social skills of children is not compromised due to excessive shyness.

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