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Monday, January 23, 2012

8 Tips Sex Long Time

Monday, January 23, 2012

How do I add size, strength and stamina for the erection? Of course this is so the question is ongoing for men. There are endless treatment, various drugs are also tools, which claim to be able to help pump out the volume. In addition, several different solutions by using a technique holding water are also offered.

But in fact, we are blessed with whatever God has given to us. So we all should seek to maximize what we already have. Here we give some realistic tips below, where there are few businesses that you must do in order to get maximum erections. The following tips can be an easy way when you flirt flirt, and be ready to have sex. With proper treatment Mr. P can perform exploration, and you do not just be a man capable of doing 'all the movement.'

Foods that are Good
Growing a massive erection is a problem for your body. Blood and interpret horomon beneficial nutrients. So good nutrition is the key to get sex doubled. Carbohydrates, bermnafaat to build the beam energy, which is essential. Our sexual needs and diverse carbohydrate foods of this type. Pasta and bread are a source of carbohydrate is full. You also need to take iron every day. Iron is a vital ingredient in testosterone, seminal fluid and sperm. You can find the source of this mineral from seafood, peas and beans. Or to be more practical you can buy an iron supplement.

Avoid overeating prior to sex. If you are having dinner together, do not eat diet of meat and drinking wine plus dessert, at least if you plan to have sex after dinner. Usahan eat food an hour before sex so that the digestive process runs perfectly.

The Right Position
Position in sexual intercourse where the man who is above - such as the missionary position and doggy style - giving an advantage over the man, because this position gives boost blood flow and erection of durable and strong. So do not do the position where the woman on top at the beginning of a session of sexual intercourse. Will issue a gravitational tug of the blood flow your erections. The position of women above also makes controlling the movement, so well and this could make him lose control better the penetration.

Durable To Reduce Sensitivity
The classic way to reduce excess sensitivity is to use a condom. But if you do not want to use condoms during intercourse with a partner, you can try another way. Occasionally remove the penis from Ms V when you feel will reach a climax. This trick is useful to take your mind sejanak to avoid ejaculating too early, but did not reduce the strength of erections.

Who's Your Set Undergo Treatment
Treatments for some diseases such as depressed, social phobia, OCD, and anxiety is currently used by doketr. however, this kind of treatment can lead to erectile difficulties. If you consume this kind of medication, consult with your doctor to make sure you do not get excessive prescription, which resulted in the death of your sex life.

Save Power
Do not make yourself tired at the beginning of the session during intercourse. Too tired disesi early can lead to erectile gone soft. So measure your power bats.

No Need Nervous
Too anxious and nervous can actually make your erections become soft. But unfortunately, sex is often associated with disturbing results, if it is associated with negative body image. Like when you first had sexual intercourse with a partner, of course you are haunted by anxiety. Should find ways to make yourself feel comfortable if you dihinggapai feel nervous when they want to have sex.

Perform abdominal exercises. This movement has a share in the abdominal muscles help you maintain an erection. In addition, with good posture your confidence growing. Selian abdominal exercises, you can also do Kegel exercises to Mr P. While this is not shown to increase in size, but it can help maintain an erection lasts longer.

Do not Smoke And Drink Alcoholic Excess
Smoking makes the blood circulation so bad, and when you want to have sex, much needed blood flow. So if you want sex life is always hot, this is a compelling reason to stop smoking. Drinking too much alcohol also affect your prostate.

Whatever the recipe, actually a healthy lifestyle will also provide exceptional ability in your sexual life. Good luck!

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