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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Shrinking Stomach Tips

Wednesday, January 25, 2012
Many people are not satisfied with the form of belly he has. Even those who are already slim often complain that his stomach was full and "bloated" and sometimes seemed to be swelling. Most of the stomach bubble is caused if the basic factors of diet and lifestyle. Here are some ways to make it level:

Drinking water
If the fullness of the stomach caused by water storage, you can actually reduce the problem by drinking more water. This will dilute the concentration of sodium in the body thereby increasing the amount of water coming out of the system. Drinking more water also ensure effective functioning bile to remove waste products. Do not change water consumption during a diet since many materials are difficult to digest and can cause stomach bubble.

Eat slowly
Avoid fast food, because when you swallow too quickly, at least the air retained in the intestine and form a gas that can lead to abdominal distention. Always sit down when eating and chew food slowly. Food is not chewed into small pieces can not be digested properly which then produces a lot of gas that give rise to inflation.

Reducing salt intake
Too much salt in your diet add extra sodium to the mechanism that slows the body fluids so that pushing water out of cells. As a result the stomach feel full and bloated.

Proper fiber consumption
Fiber is an important element in the diet, but to compensate for water retention that causes inflation, eat fiber in fruits such as apples and pears that have a lot of water content.

Keep an eye treatment
Expanding belly is the side effects of drug consumption. Aspirin sometimes causes problems that lead to constipation and abdominal distension, including the contraceptive pill.

Avoid constipation
Constipation is defined as having fewer than three bowel movements in a week or if the tension involved. As a result of stomach feels swell. To stimulate the bowels, increase consumption of fiber from fruits and vegetables, do it gradually to avoid fermentation and excessive gas production.

Exercise will help move the fluid in the abdomen that can cause major stomach by pushing it out of the network and enter the blood stream where it will dilkeluarkan as sweat or brought into the bile to excrete as urine. Suggested among other sports aerobics.

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