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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tips for Sleeping Beauty Without snoring

Wednesday, January 25, 2012
People who snore sleep, especially heavy snorer, it will never be a man favored by those who slept in the same room with him. Well, before family or friends getting away from you, try to follow the following suggestions to get rid of the "voice saws" forever.

  • Turn off the cigarettes

    Cigarette smoke makes the tissues, both in the throat and nose irritation, swelling and clogging up the air flow.

  • Maintain an ideal weight

    Although thin people can also snore, but snoring three times more often experienced by those who are obese.

  • Avoid alcohol

    Alcohol causes the muscles in the airway becomes too relaxed so it is likely to snore during sleep increases. Similarly, sedative drugs or sleeping pills. Should avoid drinking alcohol four hours before bedtime.

  • Sleeping position

    Sleeping on your side is highly recommended to reduce the likelihood of snoring, compared with the supine position. At the time sleeping on her back, the tongue will be pulled back and inhibit breathing causing snoring.

  • Raise your head and shoulders

    Sleeping with the upper position higher than the bottom can help prevent snoring since the tongue in such a position would not "fall" to close the airway. But do not prop your head with pillows because it will make a sore throat and bent so that the sound of snoring louder. Instead, raise the head of the bed or beds footrest position of the head to rise 10-13 cm.

If prevention efforts are done alone does not work, you may need a medical procedure. Now in many countries around the world begin to implement the pillar implant procedure as an alternative.

In this three-implant procedure (like a toothpick pieces) along 3 cm in the insert in the back of the soft palate of the oral cavity. Useful to reduce the vibration of the soft tissues of the oral cavity and throat, causing snoring sounds.

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