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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tips to choose Baby Clothing

Sunday, January 29, 2012
Another thing that must be considered by parents is the dress. Baby clothes is very important because it must be able to protect baby's sensitive skin. Clothing for babies vary depending on the climate of the surrounding environment where the baby lived.

In areas where frequent rain or mountainous areas where the air is cooler, of course babies need clothes that are thicker so that his body was warm, while for infants living in low lying areas need clothes made thinner so that baby does not swelter.

Do not give too thick clothing to the newborn because the baby is still very sensitive skin. The use of an octopus, the fabric that has a lot of rope to the stomach is wrapped around the right advice but not too tightly. Octopus both used to cover the baby's navel is not dry to avoid infection. Because babies often move, covering the baby's umbilical cord to avoid rubbing against surrounding objects such as blankets, diapers and so forth.

Octopus is used for newborns up to age 1 week or 10 days. Sometimes, mothers are often wrapped the newborn with a cloth. Javanese people call it 'dikelungkup', meant to keep the baby warm and comfortable and prevent babies from catching cold. This method is also believed to make the baby's legs remain straight and not bent until he grew up.

Infants younger than 3 months must use wrapping fingers and toes. At that age, babies still like to touch his face and finger usage is intended to wrap the baby does not injure her face with her nails themselves, in addition to avoiding infection. Use wrapping the foot is intended to keep the baby to keep warm.
Not enough comfort, the best must be considered by the mother is keeping kehegienisan their baby clothes. The clothes worn should be clean and dry.

Replace wet clothing as soon as possible because if not then but not comfortable for your baby can also cause a fungus that can make the baby come itching and prickly heat. Immediately replace a wet diaper when the baby pee or defecate, as if still in use, the diaper is wet it can cause infection. Moreover, women also should pay attention to cleanliness of the baby's body.

Immediately wipe the baby when exposed to milk or other fluids and make sure the baby's skin dry again. Give the powder in each fold of the baby's body to avoid injury. Make sure your baby's clothes quite comfortably, but not too thick nor too thin. Choose cotton which can absorb sweat and also avoid itching. You can also dress the baby such as singlet or shirt extra thin to protect babies from common colds.

So also for the quilt, choose materials that are not too thick so it does not make the baby too hot. For babies who are older than 3 months, the mother can put a singlet because the baby has begun to adapt to the ambient air temperature.

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