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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tips to Prevent Allergies

Wednesday, January 25, 2012
Some things you can do to prevent allergies:

  1. Maintain cleanliness of the environment, both inside and outside the home. This includes not accumulate a lot of stuff in the house or bedroom that could be a nest of dust accumulation as a stimulus alergi.Usahakan reactions do not keep animals in the house or put a pet cage around your home.

  2. Personal hygiene should also be considered, to avoid tertumpuknya dirt that can also be a source of stimulation alergi.Untuk reaction bath, should use warm water for life, and try to shower the evening before PK.17.00. Soap and shampoo are used preferably is soap and shampoo to bayi.Dont using hair dye.

  3. Do not use air freshener or perfume, anti-mosquito drugs. If your home there are lots of mosquitoes, use anti-mosquito racket.

  4. Use a mattress or cushion of foam material, not cotton.

  5. Use of cotton bed linen at least once a week and wash it with warm water will be effective.

  6. Avoid using the clothing of wool, use of cotton clothing.

  7. Air conditioning (AC) may be used, but should not be too cold and should not be more than PK.24.00

  8. Keep an eye on any food or beverages or medicines that cause allergic reactions. Avoid manakan materials, beverages, or drugs. You must comply with the rules of your allergy diet.

  9. Meet the experts. Consult with a specialist. Allergies are emerging require different treatments on each allergy sufferers. Ask your doctor to perform immunotherapy to lower your sensitivity to substances trigger allergic reactions, for example: by using extracts of house dust injection or by conducting immunization Baccillus Guirine Calmette (BCG) at least 3 times (1 time a month), respectively.


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