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Monday, February 13, 2012

9 Types of Weird Allergies

Monday, February 13, 2012
Dust allergy is a natural thing. Allergy dog hair, sufferers are often encountered. But water allergy? Still there are allergies to things that may never have thought of. What are they? Here are some of them.

  1. Water

    Allergic to water is called aquagenic urticaria. Sufferers are very rare. Symptoms, the patient will feel itching, there are signs, as well as wounds on the skin exposed to water. Allergy is dangerous considering the water is one of the abundant material - regardless of the difficulty of access to clean water.

    Medical experts do not know the cause of allergies water. But, they realized that histamine, which cause many allergies, can not be used as a reason for people with allergies do not improve the water when given antihistamines. Their best guesses: water allergy sufferers may react to the additives in the fluid.

  2. Cell phone

    Materials containing nickel mobile phone maker, a substance that can cause allergies in many people. In addition, radiation, electromagnetic, and microwaves can memici allergic reactions in people sensitive skin.

  3. Sunlight

    Like a vampire, patient uticaria photo (sun allergies), can not be exposed to sunlight. If they are exposed to too much sun, their skin will hurt.

  4. The effect can be reduced with antihistamines and steroid allergy. But still they can not sunbathe on the beach.

  5. Sex

    There are women who are allergic to semen - men are also there. Doctors do not know the cause, but people who suffer from human seminal plasma hypersensitivity will develop skin lesions after 10 minutes of exposure to semen.

    Unique solution of this problem: the more often exposed to semen, your body will get stronger against the semen!

  6. Deodorant

    Do not blame people who have body odor because they may have no other choice. They are allergic to deodorant. Body fragrances that can cause pain, itching, redness, and sores on the skin.

    Fortunately now there are several prescription deodorant. The deodorant contains allergens that have been reduced. In addition, baby powder can also be used as a prevention of body odor.

  7. Sweat

    Sweat can contain many toxins released by the body. People who have very sensitive skin can react to the toxin. Symptoms: redness, itching, sores and even the very sick and lasted for several hours.

    Like many other allergies, doctors have not found the cause. But with a simple treatment, symptoms can be suppressed.

  8. Sports

    Very difficult to diagnose allergies is called Exercise Urticaria. You see, when people play sports, so many things going on inside his body. However, common symptoms are itching, blisters, nausea, and vomiting. When the situation is severe, they can be given suntuikan shock and epinephrine.

  9. Money

    Most of the money due to allergies coins made of nickel - if it had been mentioned nickel allergies. It is difficult to avoid nickel because this material is widely available in daily life - coins, guitar strings, batteries, magnets, and others.

  10. Shoe

    Shoes contain dyes, glue, rubber, and other materials that could come into contact with one of the easier parts of the body to sweat, your feet. People with allergies will feel itching, redness, and peeling skin.

    Allergy medicines may help, but if someone was allergic to rubber or leather, maybe he should often barefoot.

That's some weird allergy. Is there anything you have?

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