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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

How to Detect Chronic Disease

Tuesday, February 14, 2012
Many more unique ways to the traditional way to detect whether someone is suffering from a chronic disease or not.

After the color of urine can be used to detect chronic disease, now turn to nail 'skill performance'. Just enough to see colors and shapes one's nails, you can detect chronic diseases suffered.

As you age, the nails tend to change the color of pale. Nail color is younger people, usually looks much brighter than the person's old age.

If you are still relatively young age, but the color is pale nails in some time, this could indicate health problems. Perhaps you have anemia, symptoms of heart or liver disease. Perform medical tests.

Use red nail polish it can make the natural color of your nails turn yellow and fade. Do not assume trivial, this could be a sign that you had a yeast infection. But, do not panic! Nail fungus problems in general can be treated easily.

Bluish color
It could be a sign of problems in the body of oxygen. These colors often appear due to exposure to the weather is too cold. But, if the blue color continues to stick on nails, you need to be vigilant. In serious cases, the color is a sign of lung problems, or diabetes. Perform medical tests.

Small holes
These cases usually arise due to minor injuries of the nail. However, if the hole becomes too much, maybe you suffer from psoriasis or arthritis. Do a health check.

Cracked and brittle

Skin easily cracked or broken nails become strong indication associated with thyroid disease. Tests for the disease is done quickly and painlessly, so do not worry, you only need to perform health check-ups.

Red cuticle
If the cuticle is red and swollen, it could mean the existence of some disorder of connective tissue. But do not worry, because the cuticle disruption may occur due to the elimination of nail polish is too coarse to trigger irritation. Try changing nail polish remover which is more suitable for you ..

White nails (white nails)
Nails that are white with darker edges, can indicate liver problems, are like hepatitis. If you experience this, it is also dicuigai presence of other liver disorders.

Inflammation in the nail fold (Puffy nail fold)
Redness and swelling around the nail is a sign of inflammation of the nail fold. This can be caused by lupus or other connective tissue disorders.

Dark lines beneath the nail (dark lines) are the most dangerous skin cancer. Therefore, if you experience this, you should immediately see a doctor.

Biting your nails
Biting your nails may be regarded as old habits. But, in some cases, this is a sign of anxiety that can be treated with medication.

Nail biting is associated with obsessive-compulsive disorder. If you can not stop this habit, it is better to consult a doctor.

Well, because the color and shape of the nail it can be a signal of health disorders in the body, should not always be underestimated. If the nail color suddenly turned an unusual or strange color, it indicates a different health problems.

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