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Friday, February 10, 2012

The Ideal Hair Thick and Strong

Friday, February 10, 2012
Thick and strong hair is certainly a beautiful crown. However, sometimes the hair does not work right. Often hair loss and make hair look thinner. Even baldness can occur gradually due to overuse of hair loss. How do I get a thick and strong hair?

Every time combing hair, hair loss is often seen on the comb. This is actually a natural thing, because of the hair regeneration. However, if hair loss is quite a lot (more than 100 strands per day) can make thinning hair and even cause baldness. Thin-looking hair is certainly not attractive because the dream of most people is to have thick hair, beautiful and strong. For those of you who have thinning hair problems and want to increase hair volume, the following things to do:

  • Choose a shampoo that is appropriate
    Shampoo plays an important role in shaping the beauty of hair. To help solve your hair is not thick, you should choose a shampoo that contains protein which can increase hair volume.

  • Use of additional products for hair
    That hair can grow fast, you can help by providing extra vitamins or other products which can stimulate hair growth. Choose products that contain panthenol.

  • Use a wide-toothed comb
    Using a comb to straighten hair goal. Due to a variety of activities, wind or other things to make a messy hair. Using a comb to make sure the meeting more and more hair loss.

  • Dry your hair properly
    After shampooing, dry your hair the right technique is to squeeze the head with a towel to dry. When you use a blow dryer, try to lift the hair a little bit by bit and use a hair dryer with cool setting to harden the cuticle so hair does not easily fall off, otherwise it will make hair look thicker.

  • Strengthen your hair to fall out is not easy
    The trick is to use jojoba oil which will keep the hair from damage. Hair becomes fragile hair to be strong otherwise.

  • Mechanical hair so the hair looks thicker
    Use a hair dryer. Bow your head, after a half-dried immediately lift your head and trim the hair with a comb-sized round.
Sure to get thick hair, strong and beautiful hair is not difficult. With some special effort, you can make the crown of your head to be more beautiful.

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