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Friday, January 27, 2012

Low Sex Education, Pregnancy Increased

Friday, January 27, 2012
An increasing number of cases of unwanted pregnancies is one indication that the understanding of reproductive health is still very minimal.

Although a number of teaching materials has contained the charge of reproductive health, the level of effectiveness is still questionable.

As reported by the Center for Information and Youth Services (Pillar) IPPA Central Java, recently, graphic premarital pregnancy cases rising in the holiday season, ie June to July.

In these months, is expected to control the parents and the school is reduced.

Riza admitted, reproductive health education at an early age often encounter various obstacles.

Based on the experience of accompanying IPPA Pillars 65 elementary and junior high schools in the city, a number of schools and educators it is not ready to transform knowledge about reproduction.

\ '\' Teachers are often surprised and unprepared for the reaction to the new students aged 10-14 years when providing reproductive health materials, \ '\' said Riza.

Because, according to him, many students who give amazing reaction when mentioned about the reproductive organs.

\ '\' This is not surprising because the print and electronic media impressions imagination ushered biological children, \ '\' he continued.

The spread of the phenomenon of KTD, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), even the spread of HIV / AIDS, is able to realize the community recognized that sex education should be given early.

Prohibit Teens

But the form of joint action to tackle the phenomenon has not seemed obvious.

It recognizes, to date Pilar IPPA does not aim to prohibit teen sexual activity.

\ '\' In accordance with the declaration of human rights, youth and the right to make choices. We only provide knowledge about the reproductive behavior of a responsible, \ '\' he said.

Therefore, Pillar has created a guide reproductive health education materials for junior high students to college students.

Responding to the phenomenon of unwanted pregnancies kemerebakan, General Secretary of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) Central Java Rofiq MA Prof Dr Ahmad expressed concern.

Therefore, it indicates the occurrence of teenage decadence. It also states the handling of the case was faced with the choice dilemma. However, according to him, the MUI has issued a fatwa on abortion.

According Rofiq, the general abortion is not allowed, except for certain cases. That, too, must be accompanied for medical reasons.

Furthermore, he explained, the MUI has a number of training programs about reproductive health and right.

It appealed to parents to assist and control the activities of children during the holidays.

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