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Friday, January 27, 2012

Sex Mith During Pregnancy

Friday, January 27, 2012
Is okay to have sex during pregnancy? Yes, as long as the pregnancy is still within normal limits, you can still berintim-intimate with my husband.

Can sex cause a miscarriage? Miscarriage is not caused by sexual activity. Miscarriages that occur at the beginning of the period are usually caused by chromosomal abnormalities, or there are other problems in the development of the baby.

Menyakitan Will the baby? Infants are protected by the amniotic fluid in your womb, so the partner's penis will not touch the baby.

The position of what is safe? You alone can determine it, but you should avoid supine sleeping position. If the uterine artery pressure behind the stomach, you will feel dizzy or nauseous.

Preterm birth due to an orgasm? Research indicates if the process of normal pregnancy, orgasms with or without sex will not make the birth of premature (preterm).

When time for sex should be avoided? When vaginal bleeding; Problems with the uterus; Problems with the placenta, and infant twins. If carrying twins, the doctor will recommend to not have sex after the content of old age, although the study does not prove a link between sex and multiple births are premature.

Should husbands wear condoms? Sexual intercourse during pregnancy can move the disease and are also at risk of infections that can interfere with pregnancy and infant health.

What if not having sex during pregnancy? No problem! Many of the sex that can be done other than intercourse.

After the baby is born, when to do sex again? Many doctors recommend waiting until 6 weeks. Allowing your uterus to close again, and if there are surgical wounds heal first.

Sexual intercourse is essentially intended for fun together. If you feel pain or saturated after delivery, try to keep doing intimacy in other ways. If you're ready to have sex again, start again slowly and use a style and a safe way. Do not forget about contraception.

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