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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Overcoming Headaches, Should With Drugs?

Thursday, January 26, 2012
Given sufficient number of side effects from the use of headache medications, it is better to try non-drug treatments are natural that can help prevent attacks or even cure a headache. We adapt the www.faqs.org who have collected information about natural medicine, and most informed following treatment proved effective, and generally have a basic theory related.

Natural treatments generally do not have any side effects. Often

some natural remedies can be performed simultaneously. If one treatment can reduce headaches, makapengobatan others can help reduce or even eliminate the headaches that arise.

Keep in mind that not all treatments are effective on everyone. Any possible effects felt different. Some medications may actually increase the pain of the head, danbeberapa treatment may not even have an effect at all. You may decide to try several treatment methods and choose the best method for you.

  1. For Immediate Effect

    Treatment under the action is done to eliminate or reduce pain during the headache attack.

    Shower by flushing the body or with a shower.

    Rest, lying in a dark room.

    Avoid bright lights or the lights are blinding.

    Put something cold on the back of the neck, like a cold, wet towel, or put a cold towel and alternate between warm towels in place of pain

    Put a cold compress on the forehead, while soaking your feet in a container of warm water.

    Drinking water or natural fruit juice, especially tomato juice.

    If you have not eaten at all, try the consumption of nutritious foods or beverages

    Massage the face, head, neck, shoulder and back muscles that are more relaxed.

    Press the two pressure points on the back of the neck which is approximately two inches, located just below the skull, one to two minutes. This action can release endorphins that can help relieve pain.

    Massage or press the fleshy part between thumb and forefinger.

    Bend your head slowly to the right or left to stretch the neck muscles. Massage and relax his muscles are tense.

    Avoid sources of stress.

    Avoid exercise during a headache if the sport adds to pain in the head and neck.

    Drink vitamin C, vitamin B6, choline, tryptophan, and niacin and / or magnesium.

  2. Chiropractic treatment style

    According to the rules of chiropractic, headaches are sometimes caused by the shifting of the spine from its place, but because very little of this shift is usually not detected. This shift could be caused by heavy lifting or sitting position is one that could interfere with the nerves in the spinal cord, causing headaches. Chiropractor (chiropractic practitioners) usually treat headaches by encouraging the bones to restore its position slowly.

    Methods that can relieve headaches that suggested by the chiropractor is to stretch the neck muscles to the left and right slowly and gently (warning: do not do a spin!). Avoid sitting with his head bowed for a long time and lay on his back with his head propped up pillow. If you want to use a pillow you should use a pillow that will support the neck but not the head too high. When lying on her side, use pillows to prop head and neck. When sitting, for example working with the computer, frequently changing the position to sit and look at whether there is a strained shoulder muscles while supporting hand.

  3. Biofeedback

    With biofeedback, a person will learn to control bodily functions are regulated by nerve unconscious, such as heart rate. Some functions of the body such as muscle tension, cold hands and release of hormones such as adrenaline in the blood is non-conscious neural control involved in headache.

    Biofeedback means utilizing information provided by the body that is controlled by nerves unconscious and conscious information is changed to conform to our will. If this is continuously trained, people will get used to regulate body functions to work according to his will.

    Phase I of migraine is similar to the body's response to fear. In phase I, blood flowing from his hands and head into a large muscle. Hand, especially the ends of the fingers will be cold because the blood drawn out. Feelings of confusion or inability to think clearly that appear in phase I is similar to fear. The pain will come in phase II, when the blood vessels of head and neck over-reaction and widens again to form a larger than normal size. These headaches can be prevented by reducing the severity of the phase I, which then may prevent the occurrence of phase II.

    Hormone levels in the blood that causes contraction of blood vessels, such as serotonin and adrenaline, can be controlled with biofeedback, for example, by thinking about things that are relaxing and fun. Serotonin levels can be monitored by checking the temperature on the fingers and hands for example by using a thermometer or by placing your palm on the cheek. If your hands feel warm or hot, that is in conformity with the body temperature. If this is often done, the old-old people will find their own tehniknya in controlling body functions.

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