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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tips For Being White and Clean Skin

Thursday, January 26, 2012
The skin is white and clean, still often be a desire for someone. In order to preserve and maintain a clean white skin should not use the expensive cost. What is important is discipline in maintaining and caring for your skin.

  1. It is unlikely that you change your original skin color of black to white over the color of your skin pigment default, but you can still try the maximum with the skin clean and charming.

  2. Try to keep your skin terhidar from direct sunlight, use clothing to cover skin. You can use a sunblock, if indeed the skin should be exposed to direct sunlight.

  3. Shower after you finish the activities of daily use of soap according to the skin. With a shower every day the skin will be separated from the dirt and sweat.

  4. After a shower, get used to using a body lotion to maintain skin moisture.

  5. Expand drink water, because the adequacy of water will keep the freshness of the skin from your body.

  6. Eat many fruit every day, will help maintain the freshness of your skin.

  7. In do not care at least once a month your body thoroughly with a scrub for example.

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