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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Safe Swimming Tips During Pregnancy

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Swimming provides several benefits for pregnant women. Among other things, help pregnant women sleep more soundly, can relieve nausea, strengthen muscles - including the muscles around the hip making it easier for mothers in childbirth. Other benefits are also obtained from pregnant women include swimming activity therapy for joint and muscle health, and of course maintaining heart health.

Swimming can be done since the first trimester pregnant women until the third. Only pregnant women need to be careful when swimming before delivery. Because of the greater kandingan mother, and also increasingly heavy burden, it is feared pregnant women easily fall or slip.

To be safe and comfortable swimming when pregnant, the following tips:

  • Swim with ease. Avoid movements yanked or swim style that is draining a lot of energy. Remember, pregnant women are two entities!

  • Do not force yourself to keep moving. If you are tired rest by floating or relaxing yourself.

  • Do not swim for too long, just 20-30 minutes only. Swim for too long can increase the temperature in the womb which could harm the fetus.

  • Wear comfortable swimsuits, not too narrow or pressing on the abdomen. Use also shoes or anti-slip footwear (aqua shoes) so that pregnant women not to slip.

  • Mothers who previously rarely swim, should not swim for too long. Can be started 5-10 minutes, then gradually add 1-2 minutes each week. Swimming can be done 2-3 times a week.

  • If swimming in public pools, make sure the pool is clean and cleaned regularly, not too crowded and the area is safe.

  • Should the water temperature just right, not too cold or hot. Avoid swimming in the hot sun or at night when the weather is very cold.

  • Usually after a swim mom will be hungry or thirsty, eating nutritious food or drink so that maximal fetal growth.

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