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Monday, January 23, 2012

Sperm Stay Fertile

Monday, January 23, 2012
Your partner had problems in the reproductive system and sperm quality is less good? Here are some ways for him to remain fertile.

The reproductive system is one of the body systems that could be considered highly susceptible to age and environment. No matter men and women, all have the possibility of problems with the reproductive system. However, women are usually trying to find a solution as quickly as possible compared to men.

How to help your partner to keep the reproductive system while maintaining the quality of sperm?

Avoid soaking in hot water because it can decrease sperm production. The testes are located outside the male body function like a refrigerator that keeps temperatures 5o sperm is always colder than body temperature. Anything that raises the temperature of the testes in a long enough period of time can interfere with sperm repoduksi for two or three months.

Smoking is one cause of the emergence of free radicals in the human body which can reduce the ability of sperm to move. In addition, free radicals shown to reduce sperm age. Try to keep your partner to stop smoking and start taking supplements that contain high antioxidants such as vitamins C and E.

Obese men have poor sperm quality. Keep in mind, body fat produces a hormone called estradiol that directly affect the production of testosterone, the hormone that is very influential for a man's sperm quality. The higher estradiol, testosterone production will be lower, automated sperm quality becomes less good.

Zinc or zinc has a function as an antibacterial in the prostate. If a man is zinc deficiency, then the prostate susceptible to infection so that the sperm production will decline. To raise the levels of zinc in the body, eat a variety of nuts, seeds and various dairy products like cheese and yogurt.

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