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Friday, January 27, 2012

Tips For Healthy Skin

Friday, January 27, 2012
Problems of the skin sometimes can make dizziness, especially for girls. Sometimes when I wake up, it appears 'the little' in red on the skin of the face.

It was never an inexhaustible problem that occurs in the skin. But the truth is, we can reduce the problem by performing well on skin care.

Although the hormonal activity, are on the rise, which can lead to skin disorders like acne, good skin care can prevent or reduce the problems on this one.

Acne is a skin problem that most often found. The reason is the oil glands called sebum, can not smooth out the pores of our skin.

This accumulation causes the skin around the pores are closed, when accompanied by an infection will cause increasing pain, redness, swelling and hardening.

For the teens who entered the age of puberty, acne is a common problem encountered. This is caused because of hormonal influences that cause increased production of sebum. Some of the following tips can help reduce the appearance of acne and accelerate the loss of her 'little' of our skin:

  • Clean your face with warm water twice a day (not more) by using soap. If too often we wash your face, will cause skin irritation.

  • After doing massage gently on your face with circular motions. But do not rub. Because by rubbing the skin, will make your skin irritation.

  • After the clean skin and massage, dry, and then be applied to acne medications containing benzoyl peroxide, which sold freely, the acne that appears on your face.

  • Do not squeeze your acne, because it will make the infection will spread more widely.

  • Do not touch the skin of the face with his hands especially when unwashed hands. Or do not leave objects on the face, as when lying on his stomach. Hands or dirty objects that can cause irritation or infection of the skin pores.

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