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Monday, January 23, 2012

Tips for Sexual Satisfaction

Monday, January 23, 2012
Sexual gratification is often not experienced by married couples. This condition can be caused because of al the physical condition of fatigue, as well as psychological conditions (eg angry, irritated). Especially women who have finer feelings and emotions (feeling loved) before it can enjoy an intimate relationship.

Ideally, a sexual relationship must have been preceded by the existence of an intimate communication between husband and wife. When good communication is established, then they are eager to have sex. But often in practice, if a husband and wife have a fight, sex is the way out to peace again. Having sex after a fight makes you feel loved by the couple. Sometimes sex is the best way out for a husband and wife still love each other.

Usually women need a change of scenery to evoke sexual arousal and mood he needs to break away from her routine in both the family and at work. With the new atmosphere he will forget all the responsibilities both at home and at work.

Also moved the atmosphere is also a great way to enjoy sex. No need to get out of town, it could change the arrangement of furniture in the bedroom. Of course that allows furniture to be moved. Or change the color of paint in your bedroom or replace curtains. You both could have borrowed some tapes that contain romantic stories to create a romantic atmosphere.

You may have experienced the sexual desire while mengebu the passionate wife / husband you are in another town but when I got home that desire suddenly disappeared. Loss of sexual desire is probably at the time I get home you start to think of issues that remain to be completed and others.

This can be overcome with the example you happen to be out of town and sexual desire arises, you can write your sex drive is in a letter to my husband / wife. And if you're having trouble how to write a love letter, you can menyontoh of cards or a novel. Can you just buy a card that you like that you think may describe your mood at that moment and send it to the wife / husband.

Perhaps the time will come when you fight, with a view of the card will remember how a husband / wife loves you.

Hopefully the above tips can help you reach the top mutual satisfaction. Dig the other tips in this website.

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