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Monday, January 23, 2012

Nuts = Acne, Really?

Monday, January 23, 2012

Do not often eat peanuts in large numbers, will arise in facial acne. Thus the myths surrounding acne whose truth is still the pros and cons of beauty experts. In addition to nuts, chocolate is also said to be the main enemy for the woman whose face was easily covered with acne.

Is it true? Well, until now the debate is still common. American Academy of Dermatology, an institution for skin care business, is one of the agencies who argued that acne is not caused by foods such as nuts, chocolate or ice cream. However, a research, proving the opposite.

Colorado State University's Department of Health and Exercise, suggested to reduce the levels of sugar and foods high karbohiodratnya. These institutions have examined about 1300 people Kitivan islanders in Papua New Guinea, the fast food, and sweetened carbonated beverages. Seharo-day they eat only fish, fruit and meat are cooked traditionally. The result? No one else acne wahaj perched on them.

Consuming too much sugar can raise levels of insulin in the blood, where it triggers the production of androgen hormones that make skin oily. Thus the statement from Howard Murad, a professor from the UCLA School of Medicine. The statement explains why the inhabitants of the island is free from acne.

To you who are still trying to fight acne, there is no harm in trying, right? Starting today, try to reduce sugar in tea or coffee. As well as reducing the bread-rotian, potatoes or rice in your daily menu, so the face free of acne so it belongs to you.

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