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Sunday, February 12, 2012

4 Tips to Remove Acne Naturally

Sunday, February 12, 2012
Many cosmetic products to get rid of acne is outstanding in almost all markets around the world.

Most of the cream to get rid of acne is made of chemicals that can harm the skin.

Many people are aware of this danger, but because manufacturers continue to create compelling ads then it is no longer a concern.

Many people forget that the natural product is still the best solution for acne problems.

Below are four natural ways to remove acne from your face, namely:

  1. Use of Organic Products

    Milk is known to make skin healthy and smooth. But do you know if the milk is combined with lime can be an effective facial cleanser to get rid of acne naturally.

    It's easy, pure milk boil for several minutes, then add lemon juice to the milk.

    Allow to cool, use it to wash your face. You can keep the rest in a dry and cool.

    Other natural ingredients that you can use the almonds. In addition to good health, kaacang almonds is also good to help eliminate acne.

    How to make almond mask is also very easy. Take ten almonds (almonds can be fried or grilled), add a little water. Then mash and puree.

    Wear collision almonds that have been refined as a mask on your face, leave for 30 minutes. Rinse with clean water.

  2. Use Acne Soap

    Choosing acne soap can be a process of trial and error. Although many acne soap that match with different skin types, it could be you'll find some of them are not suitable for you.

    But, if you have found a suitable acne soap, be sure to use it twice a day.

    Always a time to wash your face with acne soap every morning and at night before bed.

  3. Use a Bandana (Head Tie) or Pigtail Hair

    Ends of your hair may contain oil and may have some bacteria attached.

    When the bacteria are attached to the skin is sensitive, it can cause acne or blackheads.

    If you use a bandana or hair menguncir, then how simple it is to be effective to prevent the appearance of acne caused by bacteria that carry your hair.

  4. Zinc-Rich Food Consumption

    Zinc (zinc) is considered as an agent untu acne natural treatment because it has anti-bacterial substances needed by the oil-producing glands of the skin.

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