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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Apparently Magnet Can Cure Cancer

Wednesday, February 15, 2012
Cancer has the second highest mortality rate worldwide. Health technologies were being developed to prevent and treat these cancers.

As reported by the Daily Mail, the researchers have found a way to more effective treatment than chemotherapy and radiotherapy. They claim that the use of magnetic forces can force the body's cells that kill cancer cells without damaging healthy tissue in the body.

When cancer cells grow, white blood cells called macrophages flock against the growth of cancer cells. Unfortunately, the pace of development of cancer cells to macrophages are not able to compensate.

To that end, researchers from the University of Sheffield, UK, injecting macrophages with magnetic nanoparticles, the size of 1/50 the width of human hair. This makes the magnetic attraction of macrophages to move faster.

Simultaneously, the patients performed the gene therapy also makes makrogfag more powerful. This technique uses the patient's own body cells to kill cancerous and healthy tissue will not be harmed.

Initial testing in the laboratory that conducted by the National Cancer Research Institute Conference in Liverpool shows the number of macrophages which act to reduce the number of cancer cells.

However, the researchers emphasized that this study is the first step can not be applied to humans. They hope to conduct human trials within five years.

"Previous research has allowed us use of white blood cells that directly fight the cancer cells. Now, with the help of magnets, we can improve this method so the macrophages more effectively fight the cancer without side effects, "said Dr. Jay Richardson, who led the study.

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