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Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Benefits of Baby Massage

Saturday, February 11, 2012
The birth of a baby is something every parent eagerly. A cute little baby is fun. Various preparations have been made since the distant days of parents to welcome the birth. When the baby is born, the parents also worked hard caring for the baby. One thing you can do is give your baby a massage. Massage was not confined to adults, babies also need a massage. Whether it is baby massage? Why is massage beneficial for the baby? What are the benefits?

Baby massage

When the mother to bathe the baby, of course done with a loving and gentle. The mother enjoyed when bathing the baby's tiny. Done with great caution and slowly. However, the same can also be done while massaging your baby. Baby massage can be done carefully and gently.

Infant massage is increasingly common for many parents. Infant massage is a fun activity that makes the parents can communicate with her ​​baby, both physically and emotionally. While massaging it gently, while parents can talk and sing to the baby. And usually, the baby will respond with laughter, smiles, or the pleasant chatter.

The purpose of Baby Massage

What is the purpose of massaging the baby? Here are some of the benefits of baby massage.

  • Declaration of love
    Which is mainly the baby will feel the love and tenderness of the parents during a massage. Compassion is essential for infant growth. Warm touch of the hand and fingers parents can make the baby feel the statement of parental affection.

  • strengthen muscles
    Of infant massage is great for baby strengthen muscles.

  • To create more healthy
    Massaging your baby can memerlancar circulatory system, help the baby's digestive process, and also repair the baby's breathing. Even baby massage can boost the immune system of the baby.

  • assist the growth of
    According to research, such as weight infant growth would be better off with baby massage. Even for premature babies, may gain up to 47 percent if not massaged.

  • Improve the ability to learn
    By stimulating the senses of touch, sense of sight and hearing of the baby, would improve memory and learning ability of the baby.

  • Creating a calm baby
    By massaging your baby, just like adults, will make the baby feel relaxed. This can make it be able to sleep longer and be more calm.

How To Massaging Baby

Baby massage can be done with a gentle sweep, sweep the leg and the foot baby. Then continue on the back, chest, abdomen, arms, and face the baby. Do it with a smile and gentle eyes to the baby so that makes the baby feel secure and comfort. One interesting tips that before the massage, face and baby belailah face as you ask permission to massage him.

Massage can be performed in infants younger than 1 year. Massage can be done every day in the morning when the baby is awake and at night before sleeping baby.

Do not forget to clean your hands before massaging your baby. Avoid wearing jewelry such as rings or bracelets that can scratch baby's delicate skin. Lay your baby on a soft, clean place. When rubbed or massaged, not in the condition of the baby is hungry. Because the baby will not enjoy your massage and more often in tears.

Before the massage, you can rub the baby's body with a gentle baby lotion. When massaging, begin with a gentle touch, then gradually add pressure on the extent to which you touch the baby's body should be soft.

Begin the massage of the feet. Baby prefer a massage in the foot area. Then continue with other areas and end with the back area.

If the baby cries, immediately stop the massage. It may be that the baby is uncomfortable due to hunger, to be picked up, or want to sleep. When finished, wipe the baby's body. If the massage done the morning, can proceed with the bath. If done at night, simply wipe the baby's body with warm water.

Babies need affection from their parents. One way is to massage your baby. By doing a proper massage, your baby will get lots of benefits. Let your little baby massage and begin to feel the benefits.

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