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Monday, February 13, 2012

Facial Expressions Cause Aging

Monday, February 13, 2012
Often people mistake another person because of age wrinkles earlier than age. Wrinkles usually appear due to the aging process that makes the body more slowly renew skin cells.

Some experts believe genetic factors play a role regarding when and how many wrinkles to appear. But several other factors such as stress, environmental influences and facial expressions.

Here are some facial expressions that can lead to early wrinkles, as quoted from Brainz.org namely:

  1. Expression of anger
    When someone is angry it will unwittingly cause the lines on the forehead. If he was often angry, then the line appears in the forehead will be more deep and permanent make someone look older because of premature wrinkles.

  2. Drinking through a straw
    When a person drinks through a straw to suck the movements made ​​will lead to a line in the side of the mouth due to the contraction of these muscles. This condition can lead to early wrinkles.

  3. Squint
    When faced with a room that's too much light or sunlight, then the person would squint his eyes. This condition involves the contraction of muscles in the forehead wrinkles triggering.

Apart from facial expressions, some other things also trigger the appearance of wrinkles faster as smoking (reducing the development of new collagen) as well as chronic sun exposure due to the use of protective UV rays.

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