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Monday, February 13, 2012

Signs of Aging

Monday, February 13, 2012
The old is a natural process. But if you look older because aging can certainly ruin the appearance. Ideally, according to the appearance of old age or looks younger than the age. Then it recognize the signs of premature aging are most visible.

Several environmental factors or both of the self can make a person look older than his age that makes the signs of aging appear earlier.

Signs of premature aging is generally most easily found on the face and skin. Things that contribute greatly to the signs of premature aging are free radicals that can come from sun exposure, stress and environmental pollution.

The following are the signs of premature aging is seen that:

  1. The appearance of wrinkles at the corners of her eyes
    American Academy of Dermatology reported the wrinkles caused by sun exposure and aggravated if the smoke. Exposure to these free radicals cause damage to skin DNA in the cell membrane, resulting in collagen and elasticity of the skin becomes damaged that trigger wrinkle.

  2. Black spots or blotches
    Spots or black spots that appear are the signs of aging skin, because of the many skin exposed to sunlight without protection. Spots or patches usually appear on hands, face, forehead and shoulders.

  3. The skin becomes rough and dry
    Exposure to free radicals that constantly make your skin loses collagen and elasticity so that the strength and flexibility is reduced. As a result the appearance of the skin will become dry and rough.

  4. Enlarged pores
    Premature aging is also characterized by enlargement of the pores due to the buildup of dead skin cells around the pore. This condition can usually be reduced with regular exfoliation.

  5. Have dark circles and bags under the eyes
    This condition occurs because the small capillaries that leak blood and is oxidized so that makes it dark, and the thin skin under the eyes make it look darker or black.

  6. By accumulation of more fat around the abdomen and arm
    Metabolism that occur in the body usually becomes slower so it appears that most of the accumulation of fat in the abdomen and arm.

  7. Disruption of sleep cycles, fatigue, forgetfulness, difficulty starting the morning of activities even once.
    This is a condition that occurs the first marker of brain shrinkage that can be triggered by various things such as smoking, consumption of processed food and not getting enough fresh air.

Some things you can do to prevent premature aging such as regular exercise, adequate sleep, drinking enough water, have a healthy diet (containing omega 3 fatty acids and low in saturated fat), eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, nuts and wheat.

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