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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Maintain Your Brain Health

Tuesday, February 14, 2012
The brain is the body which is very useful for human life. Beings can not live on earth as it is today had it not have a brain. Human life on earth depends on the name of brain function. For this reason, as humans, we must keep our brain to keep it healthy.

Some little things that we often take for granted, it is harmful to our brains. This small fee that is harmful to the brain is first, do not eat breakfast. Many people underestimate the breakfast, but do not consume food in the morning cause a drop in blood sugar levels. This resulted in a lack of input of nutrients to the brain which eventually ended in the decline of the brain.

The second thing is too much to eat. Too much food was hardening of the brain vessels that lead to the decline of mental powers. Next up is smoking. Smoking appeared to result in very egregious in our brains. Imagine, our brains can shrink and eventually loses its functions. No doubt in time we are prone to Alzheimer's old.

The fourth thing that is consuming too much sugar. Too much sugar will prevent the absorption of protein and nutrients, so the body's nutritional deficiencies and impaired brain development. The fifth is air pollution. Because the brain is the body that absorb most of the air. Too long in the environment by polluting the air makes the brain work inefficiently.

The sixth case is the lack of sleep. Sleep gives the brain a chance to rest. Often neglecting sleep makes brain cells would die of exhaustion. In addition, closed head while sleeping is not good for the brain. Sleeping with the head covered with a bad habit that is very dangerous because the carbon dioxide produced during sleep the brain is concentrated so polluted. Do not be surprised if over time the brain will be damaged.

Next is to think too hard when you're sick. Working hard or studying when the condition of the body is not fit well exacerbate the ineffectiveness of the brain. The ninth case is the lack of brain stimulation. Thinking is the best way to train the brain. Less we think it makes the brain shrink and end up not functioning optimally. The latter is rarely speak. Why? Because intellectual conversation will usually bring a good effect on the brain.

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