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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Recognize the Signs of Heart Disorders

Tuesday, February 14, 2012
Many people realize too late cardiovascular health problems. They generally just realized after the attack, which often lead to fatal.

Some people ignore the symptoms of heart disease because the signs did not appear impressed tiles. Some even think it's just a symptom of aging or obesity.

So as not to get caught up the fatal attack, recognize the signs of heart problems to facilitate early diagnosis, as quoted by the Times of India:

  1. Shortness of breath when lying down or sleeping
    If you feel under pressure in the chest until it is difficult to take a deep breath, you may need to consult with a physician or cardiologist. Other symptoms to look out for is the feeling of shortness of breath throughout the night. This usually occurs due to weakening of the heart's pumping ability, resulting in blood flow from the heart to the lungs.

  2. Feeling the pressure in the chest
    It was like a great weight or experience the sensation of drowning. Some of them are accompanied by pain in the center of activity, and disappears by itself after the break. This condition may occur due to reduced blood flow to the heart muscle so as to make the supply of oxygen to the cells of the heart faltered.

  3. Clothing or shoes feel tight
    If you experience these symptoms suddenly, immediately consult a doctor. In some cases of heart failure, these symptoms most often arise because of a decline in the ability of the heart muscles to pump, so that the blood pressure of fluid from blood vessels into body tissues. In severe cases, these conditions lead to swelling in some parts of the body due to fluid accumulation.

  4. Tired all the time
    Do you feel tired or weak relentless, despite having adequate rest? Do not dismiss this condition. Lethargy or fatigue could be a sign of the relentless organ of your body not getting enough oxygen because of heart problems.

  5. Wheezing cough
    A number of people with heart problems tend to develop chronic cough or wheezing due to accumulation of fluid in the lungs. Cough usually gets worse when lying down or when I wake up. Beware of this condition because it is often fooled by disgnosis asthma or lung problems.

  6. Lack of appetite
    Other symptoms that commonly accompany the people with heart problems are the result of satiety fluid accumulation in the liver or digestive system. The condition is then lowered appetite, fatigue coupled out of control. Chewing can be an exhausting activity.

  7. Urination at night
    Frequent urination is another symptom of the day even heart problems. Usually triggered transfer fluid that accumulates in the legs during the day to the kidneys, through the bloodstream. To avoid this, control of fluid intake in the evening or the use of diuretics in the morning.

  8. Heart rhythm disorders
    Usually, the heart begins beating at a faster rate to compensate for the reduced pump power. Or, have palpitations irregular heart so heart felt like running or throbbing.

  9. Anxious
    This is a general indication or warning of heart problems that are often overlooked. The anxiety of every moment with breath and rapid heartbeat, and sweaty palms. , Many of the signs of individual errors as feelings of anxiety or stress. Therefore, if you feel nervous or anxious at all times, try to associate with other cardiac symptoms for early detection.

  10. Changes in behavior
    It is also an important symptom of heart problems. Any form of behavior change that can not be described as poor appetite, sleep is not restful night, the activity decreases because of fatigue, could be a warning bell on heart health that need attention.

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