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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Prevent Cataracts By Recognize Symptoms Initially

Wednesday, February 15, 2012
Identical to cataract eye disorders in the elderly. It turned out that cataracts can not be prevented despite the taking antioxidants or vitamin because it involves one of the aging process. Beginning to recognize the symptoms can be treated immediately.

"Cataracts are inevitable as part of the aging process, including antioxidants can not prevent cataracts," says Dr. Sanduk ruit in event media briefing with Dr. ruit at Four Season Hotel, Jakarta.

Dr ruit who specializes in cataract surgery with small incision surgery technique is said that many people who do not know if the cataract itself can actually be treated, if it is still early cataract may be erased or given certain drugs and unnecessary surgery.

"Until now we do not know what the right solution to prevent cataracts," said the doctor who became Medical Director at the Institute of Ophtalmology Tilganga to Kathmandu, Nepal.

Dr ruit explained there are some conditions that make a person more susceptible to cataracts as much sun, live in the highlands as well as people working in hot areas.

Cataract is an eye disorder that occurs in the lens so so blurred or blurry vision and become the most common cause of blindness. Most people are not blind but only blurred vision, but some are up to total blindness.

To recognize the symptoms or signs that are emerging from cataracts that could be treated without surgery, symptoms include:

  1. Blurred vision or dim

  2. The increasing difficulty to see at night

  3. Sensitive to light and glare

  4. Frequent changes in prescription glasses / contact lenses

  5. Eye color is a cloudy or yellowing

  6. The existence of double vision in one eye

Initially the turbidity caused by the cataract affects only a small portion of the eye lens so that sometimes people do not realize the vision problems that occur.

But along with the increased amount of cataracts, the clouding influence of light passing through the lens, if not addressed will lead to blindness.

If it is severe then the only way to treat cataracts is with surgery and replace the lens in the eye with a clear. If true then it usually cataract operation does not appear anymore.

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