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Thursday, January 26, 2012

7 Causes of Hair Damage

Thursday, January 26, 2012
The fate of a hair will greatly depend on how you treat it. At first born with the strength and hair its natural moisture. Does each strand will grow beautifully or it is damaged and fall off, the control is in your hands.

In addition to metabolic factors, stress, and hormonal, there are several external factors that make the skin's natural protective head disturbed. What are the habits that cause rapid hair is damaged?

1. Bleaching

Bleaching is part of the hair coloring process. This is because Asian hair is black can not directly change the color so that our natural hair color must be removed first in order to become much brighter.

Bleaching process at high risk of damaging the hair. "When bleaching, the hair cuticle will put these chemicals so that the natural pigment of hair missing," says Paradi Mirmirani, a dermatologist from The Permanente Medical Group, California, USA. In fact, the protective cuticle is the hair. As a result, the hair cuticle open so more vulnerable to damage.

2. Curling

Chemicals used in the process of curling will certainly damage the hair due to loss of protein amino acids in hair. Such as hair-bleaching, curling process will also make the hair's natural strength eroded. Besides hair looks dull and dry.

3. Highlights and coloring

Hair coloring and highlights the damage did not cause effects such as hair-bleaching time. However, that does not mean do not damage the hair coloring hair. This process also makes the hair's natural structure unchanged, except that if you do not do pascapewarnaan hair care, hair drier and broken.

4. Blowdry and vise

Steam heat generated by the two tools will lead to hydrogen glue damaged hair so the hair becomes dry and brittle. When you include a hair dryer loyal users and vise hair, use conditioner and other hair care products to protect hair.

5. Hair menguncir

To avoid damage, do not be too often menguncir hair, let alone tie it too tight. Also, avoid menguncir hair when the hair in wet or humid conditions to avoid hair breakage conditions.

6. Comb

Do you realize that simple activities such as combing hair could actually damage the hair? This happens when you comb your hair too often. "The hair often uncombed hair will cause excessive friction so the hair easily broken," said Mirmirani. However, it rarely combed his hair is also not recommended because it so easily tangled hair. So, moderation.

7. Too frequent shampooing

Our objective is to wash your hair scalp clean of oil. However, if done too often, the hair's natural moisture will erode. In fact, it takes the hair moisturizing your scalp to the hair is always healthy. Shampooing every day is recommended if you tend to be oily scalp. However, if the hair starts to look dull, it just means you need to reschedule your time shampooing.

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