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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Painted Hair Care Tips

Thursday, January 26, 2012
A good hair dye must contain certain substances to protect hair from damage while keeping color does not easily fade.

Basically treating the dyed hair is the same, whatever the color, either red, yellow, green, brown or any other flashy colors. Perhaps at first glance will make you look trendy, but at a later stage you will usually be confused with efforts to return to the position or color sernula. Understandably looks like it's just a temporary fashion.

For home treatment, you should use a special shampoo for colored hair. You can select a series of shampoo and conditioner formula contains Nutri-Filter plus Cationic Polymers that are capable of forming a coating on each strand of hair so the hair is protected from adverse environmental influences such as sunlight and air pollution. The result, hair color does not quickly fade, the hair looked healthy glow

For treatment at the salon, you can do creambath every 2 or 3 weeks. But do not forget, salon treatments will not be maximized if you do not regularly care for intensive hair at home! To avoid the things that are not in accordance with the desire, it is recommended to perform an allergy test before coloring your hair, how:

  1. Apply a little cream coloring hair at the back of the ear

  2. Let stand for approximately 48 hours

  3. If you do not feel the reaction such as itching, red rash or irritation means you can continue to color your hair

  4. But otherwise if it feels hot, itching and irritation means you have an allergic reaction. Stop use immediately.

When undergoing the process of staining, will open the cuticle layer so that the pigment colors so easily absorbed. So if you wash it off immediately using shampoo then approximately 50% of hair dyes will fade. When shampooing is recommended at least 24 hours after the coloring process. Use a shampoo and conditioner specially colored hair. Thus, the pigment is not easy to fade and the hair was protected. You need to know also that a good hair dye must contain certain substances to protect hair from damage while keeping the color is not easily fade.

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